Vimal Crop Care Pvt. Ltd. is spread over 4 locations, conveniently accessible by road from Ahmedabad Railway Station and Airport, located within a radius of not more than 15 Kms. from each other
Vimal Crop Care Pvt. Ltd., and their associates have installed capacities, in all categories viz. Liquids, Granules, water based Suspension Concentrate, Dust and Wattables large enough to meet growing market demand.
We have a  water based Suspension Concentrate plant, 6 liquid formulation plants (EC and Water Soluble),
5 granules manufacturing plants, Bentonite clay and sand based granules, 4 wettables manufacturing plants and 4 dust formulations. Every unit is supported by independent packaging facility for consumer packs. Entire facility is operatable round the clock and round the year.
Manufacturing and packaging facilities are well balanced vis-à-vis market requirement. Entire set-up is compliant with regulatory and safety norms.
The facilities are supported by large enough warehouses and utility services.

Vimal Crop Care Pvt. Ltd. Is also the active member of safety and waste minimization projects sponsored by UNIDO and NPC.
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