Biologically Derived plant growth stimulant for better yield and superior quality

What is Speedgro Granules?
Speedgro Granules is a stable, balance, systemic, biologically derived product. It is composed of proteins, Proteins, Protein hydrolyzates, amino acid, organic acides, enzymes, vitamins with complexed secondary and micronutrients and plant growth stimulators like auxins, Cytokinins and gibberllins. 

What effect does it have on plants?
When applied in soil, Speedgro Granules are absorbed by the roots and translocated in all directions within the plant body. It stimulates photosynthesis, enhances CO2 fixation, enhances plant's ability to utilize available nutrients and moisture. It also helpsto bring fast normalcy to the metabolic imbalance caused to plant body due to factors like uprooting of seedings, transplanning, herbicide shocks, high doses of pesticides application. Unusual weather conditions, prunning, plucking and other injuries to the plants. It improves plant resistance to environmental stresses and pest incidence. 

What are the other properties of Speedgro Granules?

  • It improves soil texture and enhances the activities of beneficial soil microorganisms. It can be mixed with all fertilizers and granular insecticides.
  • Thus the benefits of Speedgro Granules include healthier plants, earlier crop maturity, improves crop quality and higher yields. 

SPEEDGRO is a stable, balanced and systemic granular product which contains Protein hydrolyzates, amino acids, organic acids, enzymes, vitamins with complexed secondary micronutrients and growth stimulants. 

  • Maximizes utilization of available soil nutrients.
  • Improve crop quality and enhances yields significantly.
  • Increases plant resistance/tolerance to pest and diseases.
  • Rejuvenates plants exposed to climatic stresses and other injuries.
  • Non-toxic and safe to use.
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